Criteser Crossroad, Fulton county, Indiana

by Walt Criteser

Fulton county, Indiana

The earliest record I have for Fulton county Indiana is 1835 when John CRITESER (born ca. 1781) and wife Mary purchased land from the federal government. The land record reports "John Criteser of Cass county" which is a new lead -- I would have expected it to report he was from Decatur county, Indiana. John CRITESER can be found in the 1840 Fulton county, Indiana census, as well as a few other CRITESERs beginning to create families, namely Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. A recognizable related family, VENARD, is found nearby.

A John CRITESER was found in 1830 Decatur county, Indiana which is believed to be the same John CRITESER as found in 1840 Fulton county, Indiana. So, I did some computer crunching of surnames which has turned up a couple names which I plan to keep an eye open for more. I was comparing 1830 Bartholomew and 1830 Decatur Indiana to 1840 Fulton County Indiana and a couple names have jumped out which may indicate the families traveled together which would be a potential indication of relation. The families are not perfect matches (age, number of children), but they do look interesting. The names for the heads of households are Norman BLACKATOR, Thomas MARTIN, William NELSON and Samuel PARKER.

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Fulton County Name Index

Below is an index to names which are in my database and which are known to have been in Fulton county, Indiana. Maiden names are used when known, otherwise the married name is used. Some of the names below I am eager to find additional information. I am also listing them in case I can help others by providing a small tidbit. The amount of information I have for each entry varies from very extensive to almost none. The names below will not necessarily be found in my other web pages. If you recognize any names you should contact me. We should exchange information by sharing resources.
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