Jacob Wiley Jones and Lizzie Preschern Jones Photo Album

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     Jacob W. Jones was the son of John Jones and Louisa Imbler.   In 1889 Jacob W. Jones married Lizzie Preschern.   They lived on a farm in Douglas County, Oregon.   Lizzie passed away in 1931 and JW passed away in 1940.   Decades later at an antique store or flea market, a distant cousin stumbled upon a photo album which appears to have originally belonged to JW and Lizzie.   The distant cousin purchased the photo album.   The distant cousin passed away and after another decade went by his daughter donated the album to me in the hopes I could identify who the people were since she did know anyone in the album.
     A few photographs have been identified. The families involved so far stretch past the JONES and PRESCHERN families. Other surnames positively identified so far are DUNHAM, EGERER, FISHER, IMBLER, MICELLI, SHEFFIELD and WEBER.   Your help idenitifying the remaining unidentified photographs would be appreciated.   Think of these photographs as persons lost in the wilderness and this is a search and rescue mission.   Participate in the search and rescue effort - examine the photos, compare to yours and share your observations and opinions.
     Photographs in the album are old.   Some of the photographs are "tin-types".   Photographs in the collection are from both the Jones side of the family and from the Preschern side of the family.
     The photo album has some historical significance.   Let me attempt to explain.   Lizzie Preschern was the sister of Mrs. Joseph Micelli.   Joseph Micelli was elected mayor of Roseburg Oregon in 1911. The Micelli's had a son Victor - and there is a baby picture in the photo album of Victor with his name written on the back of the photo.   There could me more photos of the Jones', Preschern's and Micelli's in the album waiting to be rediscovered.
     Take a look at the photos from the JWJONES album.   Please, contact me if you recognize anyone.   The published photos are low resolution.   I am more than willing to share - especially if you share your opinions and help identify people.   So contact me and I can provide high resolution versions for making prints (without watermarks).   Since I am not a descendant of JW, I may decide to put up individual photographs for adoption to a good home.   If you are a relative to JW and Lizzie, please contact me.   email walt@criteser.org.