Criteser Crossroad, Lucas county, Iowa

By Walt Criteser

Lucas county, Iowa

Jacob CRITESER and wife Nancy emigrate to Lucas county Iowa circa 1853 from Fulton county, Indiana. John and Elizabeth (GOUGE) CRITESER emigrate to Lucas county, Iowa circa 1855 from Vermillion county, Indiana. Isaac and Rachel (WEBB) CRITESER also from Vermillion county, Indiana, arrive in Lucas county Iowa circa 1855. Edward and Selena (GOUGE) ESSEX appear in the 1860 census population schedules of Lucas county.

In 1858 a John CRITESER (ca 1781 - May 1858) was buried in the Freedom Cemetery, Lucas county, Iowa. Buried nearby is Jacob CRITESER. This John CRITESER is thought to be the father of Jacob, Isaac, and John. A couple efforts have been attempted to find a will for John CRITESER (ca 1781 - 1858), but without success. I wish I could find more tidbits about him.

Soon after my great grandfather Thomas J. CRITESER is discharged from Company C, 13th Iowa Infantry, in 1863, two Criteser branches emigrate to Douglas county Oregon. They probably traveled the Oregon trail together, but this has not been confirmed. The two families were John CRITESER (b. c1814) and Francis Marion CRITESER. Francis Marion CRITESER is the son of Isaac CRITESER and the nephew of John CRITESER. In Lyonsville, Missouri June 1859, Francis Marion CRITESER married Mary SPRAY, daughter of John and Milly (TAYLOR) SPRAY, of Lucas county Iowa. Francis Marion CRITESER's son, John Isaac, was a young boy when his family traveled the Oregon Trail to Douglas county, Oregon. In 1949, a three part interview, by Fred Lockley, of John Isaac CRITESER was published in the Portland Oregonian which provided a couple glimpses of the Oregon trail journey.

An L.B. SULLIVAN with wife Mary are found in the city of Chariton, Lucas county, Iowa in 1870. Is this Littleberry and Mary (GOUGE) SULLIVAN? I think so, because in 1880 a widow Mary SULLIVAN is found in Douglas county, Oregon.

From an unknown Lucas county history book, the biography of Parkison WILLIAMS contains some useful information. The biography reports Mr. Williams married Miss Sarah J. ESSIX, a native of Vermillion county, Indiana and a daughter of Ed and Solene (GUGIE) ESSIX.

Taking a quick peek next door in Wayne county (1860 census) has found some CRITSER children living in the household of Abel and Mary WEBB. Mrs. Mary WEBB was formerly Mrs. Mary CRITSER nee CANTWELL. When Abraham CRITSER passed away, the widow Mary CRITSER married Abel WEBB. Remember the spouse of Isaac CRITESER is Rachel WEBB, so do you think Abel WEBB and Rachel WEBB are somehow related? If you are a WEBB researcher and have any tidbits regarding Abel or Rachel then please send Walt Criteser email with your comments.

Despite the report in The Cambria Centenial where Mrs. Lavinah MITCHELL is written to be the daughter of Jacob and Nancy (GARTON) CRITESER I believe Lavinah is actually the daughter of Isaac CRITESER. This is indirectly supported by 1840 and 1850 census records. Jacob and Nancy only had foster children, one of which being Joseph CLAYTON. Most of Joseph William CLAYTON's childhood was spent living with his foster parents Jacob and Nancy CRITESER. The obituary for Joseph William CLAYTON showed his parents to be Joseph and Mary CLAYTON who died when Joseph was a child. Interestingly in the 1850 Fulton county Indiana census I found a Joseph William CLAYTON age 1 living with Rachel MOORE, age 58, born NJ. But, I have a hunch that the CLAYTONs were close family friends or maybe distant relatives to the CRITESER's and MOORE's.

Since my direct ancestors were in Lucas county Iowa from approximately 1855 to 1863 I am curious about this historical period for Iowa and Lucas county. If I were to create a timeline of historical events which could have affected my ancestors while in Lucas county Iowa what would be on the list? From a national perspective, obviously the Civil War would be on the list. But, what local events would be on the list? For example, were there any cholera epidemics in the county during the period? Please respond if you know of an event or if you can recommend a good reference. Thanks.

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