Roseburg, Oregon Unidentified Portraits

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This is another search and rescue mission.   Please join the search effort - view the photographs and if you should recognize someone, please rescue them by sending me an email message.

As the size of my photograph collection increases, so does the number of photographs for which I do not know the names of the persons in the photos.   The following portraits are all from Roseburg, Oregon, but for which we do not know who the people are.   The photographs are old.   I have many more unidentified portraits, probably from Roseburg, but these are the ones which have a Roseburg photography studio clearly shown on the front or back.

I am hoping someone will have the identical photograph or just recognize the person in a portrait.   If you can identify a person in one of the photographs, then please SCREAM at me by sending me an email to let me know.   That would be awsome!   If you have pictures of the same person, but do not know who it is, that is useful information too.   Let me know, because maybe I can figure out who the person is for both of us!

These Roseburg portraits are from an album mostly of relatives, but also include some family friends.   Other photos from this album for which we know the people in the photographs include the following surnames: CRITESER, COBB, METZGER, BEAUCHAMP, OERDING, JONES, ADAMS, EDWARDS, GRAHAM, SPRAY, SHUCK, RAST, SAYWER, KIDDER, GUGE, PATTERSON, COX, ORCHARD, RODENBERGER, ALDRICH, CRANKSHAW, GINDER, MARKHAM and ELLISON.   The people in the unidentified photos could be from those families or persons closely or loosely connected to them.

For instance, I would not be surprised if a photo turns out to be a BARKER, HODSON, or WHARTON, because those families connect to the JONES family.   Similary, I would not be surprised if an unidentified portrait turns out to be a MINKLER, because the MINKLER family connects to the CRITESER family.

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